Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chopper crash kills 9, misses Lacson, Paredes

Lacson and Paredes were in a van that was en route to the house of the acting mayor of Lapu-Lapu City when the helicopter crashed 30 meters behind their convoy.

PGMA conspiracy theories in 4, 3, 2, ....

Maritess and the Super Friends

by now, an internet classic.

Evil befalls a good person

The phenomenon of evil shouldn't surprise us given that we live in a fallen world.

A failure in many ways.

The news seems like positive news on the whole, but many disasters have begun on a positive note. Taking back the province's governorship from what are perceived to be malfactors is certainly a laudable thing, but the manner in which this is to be achieved, Fr. Panlilio's candidacy, is so reminiscent of the repeated failures of God's people throughout the pages of the Bible, and strangely, of the Fall and the Temptation in the desert. This might be an over-analysis of the issue, but the echoes are hard to ignore: expediency over sacrifice, a birthright for pot of porridge, temptation to rule than to serve...

I greet his efforts towards getting himself elected to the governorship of Pampanga with pessimism for I see in it a sign of successive failures and tragedies and an omen for more. First, and certainly the most striking, is his failure to treasure the priesthood of Christ of which he is a part-taker. If this man certainly had faith, faith that he, a worthless lump of ash and dirt, indeed calls the creator and redeemer of the world upon the altar and feeds his flocks with his Redeemer's body and blood, I doubt he would be moved to trade such the gift of the ordained ministry, of which he is not worthy to bear anyway for no man is, for a 3-year term that would only temporarily halt the political ambitions of the malfactors he hopes to defeat. A man who trades pearls for dirt must be scrutinized regarding his priorities.

But the argument that he, like Christ who offered his very own divinity and life for the good of all men, is merely offering his priesthood to save the people of Pampanga from jueteng lords is, for me, wanting. For unlike Christ whose atonement for the sins of mankind is an absolute necessity for none other than He had the power to do such redeeming work, Fr. Panlilio's direct partipation in the political process is not an absolute necessity for there are others who can occupy this post with more competence than he. This is where he, and other leaders of the Church in Pampanga, have utterly failed, for they have squandered many opportunities to properly form the laity to take the responsibility of civil leadership with much seriousness. And now this failure to properly form the laity will be aggravated by having the same failed leadership take the rein of public office.

Of course, one cannot lay the full burden of failures in Pamanga at the feet of Panlilio. But one cannot but see a disturbing image of a man of God active in social work who suddenly finds himself thrust into politics by his followers who want to rid the province of potentially corrupt leadership. The Bibilical parallels are too striking to be credible and yet here we see them right before our eyes. Christ responded by letting himself sent to the cross by the Roman governor. Panlilio, supposed servant of this same Christ, responds by racing to become the governor.

For the benefit of Mel

who prefers jazz. hehehe

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The First Circumnavigator?

Interesting details left out of our regular Philippine history books.

Thinks like this make me very suspicious of the "histories" being studied by the ordinary Filipino student. Lots of things left out, lots of false assumptions implied in the books. I just wish I had more time to devote myself in such things.

Tax break?

A radio news report last Monday had them facing charges for technical smuggling. Hmmm...

Dollar within sight of record low vs euro

"This confirms that Europe's economy is solid and will support euro buying. I think the euro will make a try for $1.37," the Japanese bank trader said.

In the short term perhaps. A strong Euro's no good for European exports. Best time to buy lots and lots of greenbacks.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ooohh! We have that too!

Fr. Dwight's post about the Catholic-Charismatic convergence reminds me of the local branch of The International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church [whew!!].

Just check out the galleries here. Although, in this case, it most likely began as a high church denomination borrowing and absorbing more charismatic expressions rather than a Pentecostal church borrowing things Catholic.

Here, their patriarch appears to be vested in a pallium. I wonder how he got it from the Roman Pontiff.

Joel Reyes Zobel reads my mind

and softens his position against Sec. Gonzales. I just can't understand why the media has to make such a big deal with Gonzales' petty personal comments. If this goes on, farting in the presence of a member of the media could be constituted as a deadly gas attack and the perpetrator, if he happens to be a non-Muslim, would be labelled a terrorist.

Thought so...

Teatro Lasallian has staged the Vagina Monologues

Poll finds most Muslims agree with Al-Qaeda's goals

Most Muslims want US military forces out of the Middle East and Islamic countries

That's it? You mean none of these?:

  • creation of a new Islamic caliphate.
  • eradication of those deemed to be "infidels"
  • elimination of Israel
  • elimination of foreign influence in Muslim countries

Whew! Such a relief. And here I was thinking that the media forgot to mention that "from al Qa'ida's point of view, the war [in Iraq] does not end with an American departure."

Come here for Inexpensive Bookeeping and Accounting

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hold on...

I'm quite sure that the Sandiganbayan has, as part of its conditions for Erap Estrada's temporary release from prison for various reason, usually forbidden Estrada from having interviews with the media. Why is then that the same Erap Estrada, forbidden by the court to speak with the media, has a radio advertisement endorsing the candidacy of John Osmena?

Here's one reason why I'm addicted to blogs

Amy Welborn's hosting another discussion about anti-semitism

As for me, the entire history of the Church's supposed anti-semitism can be summed up in these words:
"Nobody beats up my brother except me!"

Monday, April 23, 2007

The poor will always be with us

An average Filipino equates Saudi Arabia with work, income, and a brighter future. Few Filipinos would even expect slums and destitution in this oil-rich country. And yet, they are there:

A visit to Karantina, a perversion of the term “quarantine”, was one of the worst of my life. Thousands of people who had been living in Saudi Arabia for decades, but without passports, had been deemed “illegal” by the government and, quite literally, abandoned under a flyover.

A non-Saudi black student I had met at the British Council accompanied me. “Last week a woman gave birth here,” he said, pointing to a ramshackle cardboard shanty. Disturbed, I now realised that the materials I had seen those women carrying were not always for sale but for shelter.

I had never expected to see such naked poverty in Saudi Arabia.

Read more here.

Hat tip: Jihad Watch

My alma mater disappoints me

Don Bosco Makati prides itself for being a technical school, yet it can't even have its official website updated. It seems the last update took place in the latter part of 2005. In fact, it was down for a long period until it returned a few months ago. Clearly disappointing. Perhaps everybody was too busy with the upgrades in the school's physical facilites, i.e. lots of new roofs. Don't ask.

Solar cells can now achieve 40% efficiency

meanwhile, "Most gasoline fueled internal combustion engines, even when aided with turbochargers and stock efficiency aids, have a mechanical efficiency of about 20%."

The message is clear. Now, if only all homes acquire a solar cell and use them for powering their refrigerators, I'm sure they could halve their power consumption by half. I believe this is especially applicable in the case of the Philippines where there is much sunshine all year round and the refrigerators and airconditioners make up most of the power consumption because of the Philippines' awfully warm climate.

With all the accompanying gadgets like the regulators, batteries and others, solar power doesn't look cheap but it will be in the long-term. Locally, complete solar power sets, I think, costs as much as a new, high-end cellphone unit. The initial cost could be recovered through savings in power consumption and eventually, through the general lowering of the cost of fossil fuel due to low demand which is triggered by the use of solar power. It's a cycle! And hopefully will bring to an end our dependence on Middle Eastern fuel.

The Inquirer in Limbo

I thought I wouldn't need to post anything about the Limbo issue since more competent bloggers out there have done a better job discussing it. But imagine my surprise when I saw, in such a striking fashion, the Philippine Daily Inquirer's banner headline yesterday:

"Limbo does not exist"
Vatican scraps concept of place where unbaptized babies go

VATICAN CITY-THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS effectively buried the concept of limbo, opening the gates of heaven to babies who die unbaptized and reversing centuries of traditional Catholic teaching.

Reading it, I couldn't say if the writer was just being extra creative in his writing style, being sarcastic, or was just being plain stupid. Perhaps some element of the first two, but certainly a generous dose of the last. This is one of the superduper, uber, most bestest example of why I don't read the papers or watch TV news. If we use this as basis for the quality of journalistic acumen of our brave and wise mediamen, then the average news story is blatantly one stinking pile of [expletive deleted]!

Update: here's Zadok the Roman to explain the concept of Limbo

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Inexpensive vestments

The Roving Medievalist posted a link to a online German store selling vestments and other church furnishings. Meanwhile, Fr. Blake discusses priests' common concern regarding vestments.

One thing I've noticed from visiting online stores of such goods, is that vestments abroad don't come cheap. Here in Manila, a priest could get proper and dignified vestments for a fraction of the cost of those sold in Europe and the US. Here are a few samples:

When I inquired, none of these chasubles exceeded [at 1 euro = 64 pesos] 235 Euros [costs vary according to the material used and the size]. These chasubles are less expensive here because of lower cost of labor. Most of the materials used, however, are actually imported from Europe.

If you're more traditionally minded, I wouldn't recommend their albs. The sisters sell wrap-around, coat-type albs only. They don't carry the traditional albs [though I've purchased two albs from them in the past], but they do have have pretty decent surplices. Oh, and they don't make fiddlebacks either.

Unfortunately, the sisters [Pious Disciples of the Divine Master] who make these vestments, don't seem to have an online store. If you're interested in purchasing, you could email me for details.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Since tall mitres guarantee Tradition

then this bishop must be an evil-NOVUS-ORDO-heretic-apostate-devil-worshipper who hates the Latin Mass:

Now see more of their cold, banal Novus Ordo Mass!

Hat tip Fr. Z.

Joel Reyes Zobel...

complains when the media is allegedly being denied their freedom express of expression. But sees no problem in having Sec. Gonzales denied his freedom to express his views. Yeah, Sec. Gonzales' statement was a bit offensive, but let's be honest, he only gave voice to what many of us were thinking when we heard Julia Campbell disappeared in Benguet. Offensive perhaps, but he still has the right to say it just as much as any media boob has the right to label Sec. Gonzales with some nasty names. I like Gonzales. He has in a single day, single-handedly made the Lefties and Media look ludicrous.

Lefties used to call this patriotic

But only because they did it. Now they're kissing foreign Lefty asses. Funny how things evolve.

For immediate filing:

While discussing about the Campbell case, DZBB's Rene Sta. Cruz remarked about the difficulties ordinary OFWs in the Middle East face when they seek help from Philippine officials stationed there. Apparently, staff members in Philippine missions to Middle Eastearn countries chiefly consists of Muslims. This arrangement, he presumes, was made in view of the need to effectively interact and collaborate with the host nations which are predominantly Islamic. However, the same arrangement causes tensions between the mainly Muslim embassy staff with the ordinary OFW, who would usually be Christian. It seems that in most cases, rather than helping the OFW seeking help at the embassy againsts an abusive employer,the Muslim embassy staff would side with the abusive co-religionist. Thus, the OFW suffers because of the lack or absence of help from the embassy.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


where are my pictures?!

For your viewing pleasure

Here’s a slideshow of an ordination where the liturgy of the Eucharist is celebrated (following the 1970 Missal) ad orientem.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Abu Sayyaf demands P5-M ransom for captives’ freedom

while relatives of the victims say that the men earn only P150 per day. I'm sure the Abu Sayyaf just want them dead.

Update: My hunch was right. Officials say heads of 7 hostages delivered to army detachment in southern Philippines

Those dirty pigs.


how a supposedly repressive regime would allow supposedly repressed personalities to actually meet freely with foreign lawmakers probing human rights. Yawn!

Poor Paul VI

I was really surprised and greatly disappointed when Fr. Z made a post mocking Pope Paul VI’s Apostolic Constitution Missale Romanum. While highlighting that it was "the highest form of Church document," he didn't treat it that way. I managed to restrain myself from acting on the sorely strong temptation to comment harshly against his imprudent choice to malign Paul VI, and now, I'm happy to note, that the good father deleted the offending material from the aformentioned post.

Anyway, I find it curious that while there is a great number of traditionalists in the Church who point out Paul VI's clear plan for trying to destroy the Church from within by destroying the Latin Mass, they seem to ignore how the Pope unpopularly held on to traditional teaching regarding sex in his encyclical Humanae Vitae. I guess heretics can be choosy with the things they wanna change. Right? Or did he perhaps use it as a smokescreen to keep his orthodox credentials while he did away with the Mass? I guess you can't expect heretics to be consistent. Poor Pope Paul, strong enough to destroy the Mass but unable, it seems, to destroy mere Christian sexual morality.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

At this thread

I said that the Pope's secretaries are actually wearing rochets rather than surplices, although I wasn't really sure. Apparently, I wasn't alone in making that assertion asFr. Guy made the same observation.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Never thought of seeing "Rome" that way

I'm worried

about the emergence of 1UTAK, a party-list group that supposedly represents transport groups, operators, drivers and the riding public. I'm sure they'll be aiming and promoting for the operators' and transport workers' interests, but the riding public's? Right...

I mean, just take a look at how abusive so many of the drivers and bus crews "serving" commuters daily. Stopping in the middle of the road to load and unload passengers, driving in an utterly slow fashion so as to pick up more passengers, cutting trips when they find it convenient for themselves, putting up illegal terminals in high-traffice areas are some of the more common abuses that usually irk me and numerous others, even the non-commuters. The worst traffic jams in the street of Metro Manila, sans a horrific automobile collision consisting of several vehicles, are perpetrated by the common jeepney and bus.

With a political party backing them up, I'm pretty sure they'll be even bolder in their abuses.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

These folks are asking for it

They'll regret ever mocking the Faith when I finish my strongly-worded angry letter! No mercy, no minced words, just harsh language. That'll show them!

"Dutch Human Rights Group Invites Hamas Terror Leader"

Ha! Are these the same people who condemned the Philippine government for its alleged human rights violations??? I suspect these people are the Dutch counterparts of Ely Pamatong, Jun Ducat, and other crazy people. The only difference is that most Filipinos don't know how crazy the Dutch version is.

Excitement is surging

as the draft of the English translation of the Roman Missal is "leaked" first at Valle Adurni and the usual suspects The New Liturgical Movement> and What do the Prayers Really Say?.

Personally, I'd prefer having a large chunk of the Mass celebrated in Latin. Not only will this eliminate translation problems, it would encourage the celebrant to sing/chant the Mass and give it much dignity. One of my disappointments during the Easter Vigil Mass at the Cathedral last week, is the poor choice of the deacon to dismiss the faithful with a casually dictated "The Mass is ended, go in peace to love and serve the Lord. Alleluia, alleluia," which happens to a bit of a tonque twister, and most of all, a hopeless bore. I was really irked when they chose to go with that rather than the solemn and chanted "Ite missa est, alleluia, alleluia." The English dismissal simply doesn't bear the dignity and joy of a chanted dismissal in Latin. Yep, you read that right, JOY. The double alleluia at the dismissal, reserved only during the Easter season, simply doesn't fit well, musically and in other aspects, in the standard formula "The Mass is ended...", thus the deacon winds up simply saying it, hurriedly in most cases. The solemn form is not unknown in the Cathedral, and I've had my "wow!!! moments" in the past vigils when it was done. It was beautiful, and the emphasis on the long and repeated alleluia in the formula only served to emphasize the significance of the season.

Twin-headed baby update:


Did Joey Lina just say

pagtatalik sa himpapawid? Hmmmm...

And they called the Arroyo administration



What's the common denominator?

I found these in a single newspaper website:

And a note for the clueless: US imperialism ain't it.

Update: I wonder if some genius will start call the Philippine Star's website a hate site.

An empty bottle of Chartruese

Last year, I was surprised to find that the potent liqueur Chartreuse was actually available in this part of the globe. Having read Daniel Mitsui's praises for the green stuff, I decided to have it for our Christmas noche buena. I found that Chartreuse blended with pineapple juice and crushed ice was most delicious. Chartreuse, in case you're interested is available in Santi's in Yakal St., Makati.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Benito Lim is on DZBB

I feel like I'm listening to Dennis

Receiving reports of a baby girl with two heads

as in two real, complete heads, sharing one body. Apparently a set of twins that didn't develop properly in the womb. Interesting questions arise from this. Like, does it mean the girl/s has two souls?


I hope to be feasting on some chicken-cheese risotto. Strangely, the popular Italian restaurants in Manila don't serve that dish. It is as if it was never Italian. Italianni's serves the seafood kind. It's good, but I prefer the cheesy kind. Last night, however, I finally found a restaurant, La Grotta in Rufino, Makati, which actually has four [four!!!!] variations of risotto on its menu. What delight! Ah tonight...

Senatorial candidate stuck in Manila Bank Building Elevator

The Opposition's Sonia Roco, that is. For thirty minutes now, according to Anthony Taberna. He also implied that somehow the Arroyo administration is involved in this. Countdown to denunciations and conspiracy theories start now... Hahahaha!!!

Update 1: Taberna's follow report states something to the effect that they're worried about oxygen levels inside the elevator. So the elevators, from the old building which I presume are also old, are airtight? Wow! Imagine that. If I were stuck there, I wouldn't worry about the air, except when someone farts! Hahahaha...

Update 2: DZBB report says Roco is ok and the elevator problem has been fixed. She wasn't complaining apparently. Oh, and there were 18 other people with her inside the elevator. A lady interviewed said the elevator usually had that problem when it was overloaded. Hmmm... 19 people, elevator overloading, 19 people, elevator overloading... Yep, it's Arroyo's fault. She failed to certify as urgent legislation against overloaded elevators. She should be charged in some European human rights court for this outrageous violation of Sonia Roco's human rights! Sympathy and love for Sonia Roco. Vote for Sonia Roco! She deserves it for being stuck in an elevator.

While this was whacky in itself...

the comments were definitely better, as expected.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


It seems the Pontificator's blog has been hacked

I'm being repressed!

Mark Shea discusses "Media-mediated pseudo-knowledge "

As for me, it could easily be explained by the media's laziness, stupidity, pride and the amount of work they need to compete.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Bird-brain foundation

Almost 2 years ago, I attended a seminar sponsored by the Ibon Foundation at Miriam College. Saying that the atmosphere then was confused would be an understatment. If I recall correctly, Ibon foundation's gathering came a few weeks after the resignation of the so called Hyatt 10.

I was particularly struck by the speakers from Ibon Foundation who boldly predicted that the fall of the Arroyo administration was imminent. They were pretty sure that the year wouldn't end without Arroyo stepping down, voluntarily or forced. And now, 2 years later, Arroyo is still around, hardly an example of a weak president.

Ibon Foundation prides itself as the "Philippines' most trusted and well-respected independent research think-tank" that provides "[t]imely information, incisive analysis in popular style, effective education. IBON is popularly known for these things, especially when it comes to socio-economic issues." Right.

Opposition alarmed over 25 bets dead in poll run-up

But they'll be crying Martial Law when the government attempts to do something about it.

The unconstitutional deployment of the military into metropolitan areas has undermined security in the rural areas

But weren't they protesting against "militarization" in the provinces recently? They should really make up their mind.

I was wondering

When one looks at a mirror, the image or reflection one sees is the "flipped" image of one's self. The flipping happens via the vertical axis. But why don't we see the image flipped via the horizontal axis? I mean why don't we see ourselves upside down? I know this flipping at the horizontal axis happens when one looks through a lens. But why not in a mirror? Anyone?


Earlier I posted about the procession which was part of a larger "Salubong". I thought it would be appropriate if I featured a more complete clip of this celebration at Youtube:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More things that make me go hmmm...

I've discovered weird things about the media because of my current job. Anyway, today, while listening to DZRH and DZMM, I heard the anchors from both stations read what were supposed to be text messages from their listeners. The messages were the typical messages hostile to the administration. But this time, the interesting part was that the anchors from both stations (Joe Taruc and "Karen" at DZRH and Failon and Sanchez at DZMM) read 2 SMS messages that were exactly the same. And if you factor in the volume of text messages that a station would theoretically get, the statistical probability that those same two text messages would be read at all in both stations and in the same order, with hardly any other messages in between is very small. And yet it happened.

I reported to this to my partner. She told me it's probably another text/phone-brigrade at work. In others words, somebody's doing a PR campaign against the administration again. I suspect that whoever's doing the campaign has a direct line to the anchors and feed them the messages directly, which could explain the lack of randomness in the receipt of the SMS. I could be wrong though. But I did compile the audio file in case I need it.

Monday, April 09, 2007

A funny thing happened to us...

on our way home.

We saw the Apostle Andrew smoking a cigarrette while straggling a "Salubong" procession with a veiled image of the Virgin. He was carrying a nice digital camera too. Unfortunately, I buried ours under so many stuff in my bag. We knew it was him because he had a nameplate bearing his name. Ha! I'm sure Peter would be outraged if he ever found out.

But I managed to catch the other procession with the image of the Risen Christ:

Good Friday at the Manila Metropolitan Cathedral

His Emminence Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, leads the faithful in the commemoration of the Passion and Death of Christ

The Silent Procession, Prostration and Collect
(pardon the neck injuries)

Responsorial Psalm
(with annoying projector screen)

The Proclamation of the Passion

Unveiling and Veneration of the Cross

Easter Vigil at Manila Metropolitan Cathedral

The celebrant is his Emminence Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, Archbishop of Manila.

Lighting of the Paschal Candle:

Proclamation of the Exsultet

The Responsorial Psalms
(and the obvious reason why projector screens should be banned in all chruches.)

The Gloria and the Lighting of the Cathedral

Lighting of the Candles at the Old Main Altar and Reading of Epistle from St. Paul

Blessing of the Baptismal Water

Baptism of an Infant

Renewal of Baptismal Vows

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why I hate projector screens in Churches:

They destroy the ambience. They are distractful. They're just plain ugly.

I'll show more when Youtube finally lets me see my uploaded videos.

Before anything else

Kill all Mass commentators! Kill them all! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill those pesky pests who ruin the solemnity, beauty and flow of the liturgy. Kill! Kill! Kill!

And get rid of projector screens in churches. Ugly. Stupid. Distracting. Kill!!!

And now back to regular blogging...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Apparently not all murders are politically motivated

but I did hear one of the Pimentels attribute the priest's death to politics. Surprise!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


A copy of "INTO GREAT SILENCE" has fallen into my hands! Very appropriate for the season. Thanks Mel!