Monday, April 23, 2007

Solar cells can now achieve 40% efficiency

meanwhile, "Most gasoline fueled internal combustion engines, even when aided with turbochargers and stock efficiency aids, have a mechanical efficiency of about 20%."

The message is clear. Now, if only all homes acquire a solar cell and use them for powering their refrigerators, I'm sure they could halve their power consumption by half. I believe this is especially applicable in the case of the Philippines where there is much sunshine all year round and the refrigerators and airconditioners make up most of the power consumption because of the Philippines' awfully warm climate.

With all the accompanying gadgets like the regulators, batteries and others, solar power doesn't look cheap but it will be in the long-term. Locally, complete solar power sets, I think, costs as much as a new, high-end cellphone unit. The initial cost could be recovered through savings in power consumption and eventually, through the general lowering of the cost of fossil fuel due to low demand which is triggered by the use of solar power. It's a cycle! And hopefully will bring to an end our dependence on Middle Eastern fuel.

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