Friday, April 13, 2007

Senatorial candidate stuck in Manila Bank Building Elevator

The Opposition's Sonia Roco, that is. For thirty minutes now, according to Anthony Taberna. He also implied that somehow the Arroyo administration is involved in this. Countdown to denunciations and conspiracy theories start now... Hahahaha!!!

Update 1: Taberna's follow report states something to the effect that they're worried about oxygen levels inside the elevator. So the elevators, from the old building which I presume are also old, are airtight? Wow! Imagine that. If I were stuck there, I wouldn't worry about the air, except when someone farts! Hahahaha...

Update 2: DZBB report says Roco is ok and the elevator problem has been fixed. She wasn't complaining apparently. Oh, and there were 18 other people with her inside the elevator. A lady interviewed said the elevator usually had that problem when it was overloaded. Hmmm... 19 people, elevator overloading, 19 people, elevator overloading... Yep, it's Arroyo's fault. She failed to certify as urgent legislation against overloaded elevators. She should be charged in some European human rights court for this outrageous violation of Sonia Roco's human rights! Sympathy and love for Sonia Roco. Vote for Sonia Roco! She deserves it for being stuck in an elevator.

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