Thursday, September 29, 2005

It says here... (warning PDF file)

Tens of other studies have confirmed Kuznets’s finding showing no clear link between population growth and economic growth. Similar conclusions have been arrived at by the U.S. National Research Council in 1986 and in the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) Consultative Meeting of conomists in 1992.
so the UN knows?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

More Flips to Euro

someone at mark shea's blog commented on bringing more filipinos to europe to save it from being "eurabia." i agree fully. i would support any movement that would advocate such a thing. european and philippine interests would complement each other. the phililppines is said to be suffering from "overpopulation" (although i've challnged this thesis its premises before). so sending our "excess" population to a underpopulated area would be a interesting solution to our "population problem." plus filipinos can provide cheap but highly skilled labor that european entreprenuers need. there are more bonuses, in that filipinos are more sociable than their muslim counterparts. there are millions of filipinos working around the world trying to earn a decent living to feed their families back in the philippines and we haven't seen any major incident of filipino terrorism so far (hehehe). and filipinos, as the late pope john paul ii envisioned, would be the light of asia and the world. filipinos have brought the faith with them and have in many instances revived faith in the areas where they find themselves, as proven by the success of apostolates and groups like the Couples for Christ.