Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Bird-brain foundation

Almost 2 years ago, I attended a seminar sponsored by the Ibon Foundation at Miriam College. Saying that the atmosphere then was confused would be an understatment. If I recall correctly, Ibon foundation's gathering came a few weeks after the resignation of the so called Hyatt 10.

I was particularly struck by the speakers from Ibon Foundation who boldly predicted that the fall of the Arroyo administration was imminent. They were pretty sure that the year wouldn't end without Arroyo stepping down, voluntarily or forced. And now, 2 years later, Arroyo is still around, hardly an example of a weak president.

Ibon Foundation prides itself as the "Philippines' most trusted and well-respected independent research think-tank" that provides "[t]imely information, incisive analysis in popular style, effective education. IBON is popularly known for these things, especially when it comes to socio-economic issues." Right.

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