Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More things that make me go hmmm...

I've discovered weird things about the media because of my current job. Anyway, today, while listening to DZRH and DZMM, I heard the anchors from both stations read what were supposed to be text messages from their listeners. The messages were the typical messages hostile to the administration. But this time, the interesting part was that the anchors from both stations (Joe Taruc and "Karen" at DZRH and Failon and Sanchez at DZMM) read 2 SMS messages that were exactly the same. And if you factor in the volume of text messages that a station would theoretically get, the statistical probability that those same two text messages would be read at all in both stations and in the same order, with hardly any other messages in between is very small. And yet it happened.

I reported to this to my partner. She told me it's probably another text/phone-brigrade at work. In others words, somebody's doing a PR campaign against the administration again. I suspect that whoever's doing the campaign has a direct line to the anchors and feed them the messages directly, which could explain the lack of randomness in the receipt of the SMS. I could be wrong though. But I did compile the audio file in case I need it.

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