Monday, April 23, 2007

The Inquirer in Limbo

I thought I wouldn't need to post anything about the Limbo issue since more competent bloggers out there have done a better job discussing it. But imagine my surprise when I saw, in such a striking fashion, the Philippine Daily Inquirer's banner headline yesterday:

"Limbo does not exist"
Vatican scraps concept of place where unbaptized babies go

VATICAN CITY-THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS effectively buried the concept of limbo, opening the gates of heaven to babies who die unbaptized and reversing centuries of traditional Catholic teaching.

Reading it, I couldn't say if the writer was just being extra creative in his writing style, being sarcastic, or was just being plain stupid. Perhaps some element of the first two, but certainly a generous dose of the last. This is one of the superduper, uber, most bestest example of why I don't read the papers or watch TV news. If we use this as basis for the quality of journalistic acumen of our brave and wise mediamen, then the average news story is blatantly one stinking pile of [expletive deleted]!

Update: here's Zadok the Roman to explain the concept of Limbo

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