Sunday, April 22, 2007

Inexpensive vestments

The Roving Medievalist posted a link to a online German store selling vestments and other church furnishings. Meanwhile, Fr. Blake discusses priests' common concern regarding vestments.

One thing I've noticed from visiting online stores of such goods, is that vestments abroad don't come cheap. Here in Manila, a priest could get proper and dignified vestments for a fraction of the cost of those sold in Europe and the US. Here are a few samples:

When I inquired, none of these chasubles exceeded [at 1 euro = 64 pesos] 235 Euros [costs vary according to the material used and the size]. These chasubles are less expensive here because of lower cost of labor. Most of the materials used, however, are actually imported from Europe.

If you're more traditionally minded, I wouldn't recommend their albs. The sisters sell wrap-around, coat-type albs only. They don't carry the traditional albs [though I've purchased two albs from them in the past], but they do have have pretty decent surplices. Oh, and they don't make fiddlebacks either.

Unfortunately, the sisters [Pious Disciples of the Divine Master] who make these vestments, don't seem to have an online store. If you're interested in purchasing, you could email me for details.


Sharon said...

Perhaps you could suggest to the sisters that they set up a website. I am sure that priests from countries such as Australia would be interested in purchasing vestments.

The Perpetual Malcontent said...

I'm planning to do that. But I'm sure the good sisters have thought of that already.