Thursday, August 25, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

i know, i know, i haven't been churning out the same amount of blogging as i used to. but be assured that i'm committed to keeping this blog alive and going. time, however, hasn't been so kind to me in this regard. anyway, i shall resume blogging when i've accomplished all my priorities for this week. 'til then, see yah!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

More excuses

i'm currently out of town. the department to which i belong has been roaming a great part of northern and central luzon. i'm blogging in baguio, where civilization has offered me the convenience of a nearby internet cafe. i'll catch up with my blogging and tell you more about my trip when i get back.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A dream...

we just concluded our team-building seminar this morning. one of the most stiring statements made in that session was

"conflicts are deemed a liability in a group but an enriching experience in a team"

among the first thoughts that crossed my mind was how different our society would be if we see some conflicts as good things rather than negative. that being said, i am of the opinion, contrary to many pundits, that “chaos” is good for politics, at least in the philippines. as GK Chesterton once quipped:

“It is a good sign in a nation when things are done badly. it shows that all the people are doing them. And it is bad sign in a nation when such things are done very well, for it shows that only a few experts and eccentrics are doing them, and that the nation is merely looking on.”

perhaps if our people tried thinking more like a team, we could build on and benefit from the many conflicts that come our way daily in politics, home, office, school, markets, etc. then again, we were speaking of a team, not a society. but wouldn't it be nice to try it in a larger scale like filipino society?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Oh the Pain!

last saturday i blogged about my new server being finally online. i was wrong. it was a false start.

apparently, the cable internet i subscribed to didn't allow single account users to let their accounts be used in such a manner. their corporate accounts do allow servers to run properly using their internet facilities, but such accounts costs PHP9,000/month compared to my current PHP1,688/month account, or a full PHP7,312 premium for basically the same bandwith and service.

this is, for me, representative of the many obstacles struggling entrepreneurs such as myself have to go through to set up a viable business. theoretically, many business entreprises would work and be profitable, but often, as in this case, there are hidden costs and problems along the way, ones that could eventually kill the business if not resolved immediately. sometimes some start-ups can't even begin because of these.

sigh! such is the cost of doing business.

Monday, August 15, 2005

I don't buy it

here we have a journalist [yawn!] complaning the lateness of pres. arroyo's reaction on the issue of mixing detained child-offenders with adults in jails.

our brave journalist here seems to suggest to her readers that a presidency is an easy job and that the president is somehow an omniscient fellow who can can easily solve issues with a snap of a finger. she seems to assume that a president could never be busy, never! nor that the president could have other concerns that might preoccupy her time and attention. all issues of course have equal weights, no matter how small they might appear, right?

i must point out that i do find the mixing of children and adults in jail unacceptable. but our brave journalist should not disparage the president simply on the basis of her late reaction. after all, there are people down the hierarchy who are and ought to be directly involved in such matters.

i don't buy it.

has our brave journalist never had a busy moment where all the clutter of work, home and others simply make her forget some stuff or defer them or ignore them all together? but of course, it's always easier to blame the president on everything, isn't it?

Saturday, August 13, 2005


the new server for my business is up!

broadband cable internet was just set up this afternoon and all the pertinent programs for the server are running smoothly... so far so good!

however, i'm planning to only have a soft launch by monday. blogging today is for the purpose of trying out my new broadband connection to the internet... oh such pleasure!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Charter Change

you knew it was inevitable that i would post on the charter change issue. while i have no strong stance on the issue, there are some points presented convincingly well here and here and here. it would be wise to study these opinions for a very fair and balanced view of the issue [duh!]. but then again, there are some people that need such reminding.

Full disclosure

for purposes of full disclosure and in order to rid myself of any idiot criticizing me in the future for not doing the following in the earliest possible moment, i make this disclosure:

since 3 May 2005, i have been employed by JAKA investments corporation, a company owned by the Ponce Enrile family. as my filipino readers would know, the Ponce Enriles are involved in philippine politics, well at least Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile and his son Rep. Jack Ponce Enrile.

anyway, although i'm employed by their company and although i have the utmost respect for them as my principals in the organization, i share none of their political views, be it that some of them do agree. further, the views presented in this blog are strictly the product of my growing insanity and do not the reflect the opinions of the Ponce Enriles or of the company, unless otherwise stated [duh!].

my blog is for purposes of preserving what is left of my sanity in spite of being in the midst of all sorts of madness surrounding us , madness that seduces and then corrupts.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Feed it with what?

Net25, a local uhf tv station owned and operated by a local sect which pompously calls itself the "iglesia ni cristo", has as its slogan
"Feed your mind."
often would i see this slogan in car stickers around the metropolis, and also often would i have the vindictive urge to get a permanent marker and add:
"... with crap."
the slogan would at least be more accurate, wouldn't it?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My first thoughts

the blog is, for me, among the newest means of advertising one's utmost and dispicable ignorance.

it is my fortune therefore that nobody has really seen my blog, well at least from the moment i revived it the day before yesterday. at least nobody knows how utterly stupid and insane this blogger is.

that being said, i feel more free to express my insignificant thoughts and share my insanity with the rest of the blogosphere.

which brings me to my second point, being an idiot with a keyboard, i should be more in line with keeping down the level of stupidity that gets published in my blog. stupid things like commenting on politics.

politics itself, at least in the philippine setting, isn't as bad as many filipino bloggers, journalists and psuedo-pundits would want their readers/audiences to believe. they can only talk about the bad things because that's the nature of the media. as chesterton once noted, the newspapers can only tell stories of the unusual, the unique, the queer and the largely irrelevant. the newspapers cannot relate what is normal, the things most obvious and most intelligible. for those things, no newspaper can print the excessive complexity peculiar to the most ordinary of things.

anyway, for myself, if the need warrants it, i intend only criticize the opinions of the largely air-headed media elite worshipped in our country. yes, it appears to be a task more degrading than constructing a harsh review of filipino politics, but it's a nice way of telling my reading public that i'm not alone in the world of publishing the absurdly stupid.

Monday, August 08, 2005


hellooooo blogospheeeeerreee!

i'm back! or hopefully i'll be back updating my blog on a regular basis.

circumstances have changed and now i feel that it would be best to return to the world of blogging. hopefully i could churn out the same amount of cr**... err... musings that i did in the past.