Friday, December 21, 2007

Patient dies as ambulance breaks down in EDSA gridlock

Whenever I get stuck in traffic, I've often wondered if someone nearby is dying or has died in an ambulance stuck in a traffic jam caused by some jeepneys collecting their passengers. Apparently it does happen. And this is highly illustrative of the damage jeepney and bus drivers are inflicting against their fellow Filipinos.

I confess that each moment I spend in traffic only serves to increase my contempt and hatred of those who drive jeepney and buses for a living. I was actually gladdened when they held a nationwide strike to protest against the rising cost of fuel two weeks ago. Although there were lots of stranded commuters, the amount of traffic in city streets nationwide was reduced along with fuel wastage. Isn't it interesting to note that when they're out protesting rather than driving, the pressure on fuel supplies decreases. I certainly hope they protest more often. The rarer they are in the streets, the less fuel is wasted by motorists.

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