Saturday, December 15, 2007

In the Muslims' hearts and minds,

they belong to the superior race of humans and the rest of humanity are inferior species meant for domination. It's funny then to see how one adherent to Mohammedanism had actually admitted that, unlike the filthy sons of apes and pigs, they were too inept to develop their own earthquake-inducing technology (even if it were possible). See here for more details.

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eye in the sky said...

It is a bewilderment how this Superiority Complex can translate to a culture of violence - while quoting their bible. I just find it hypocritical or wildly ironic.

Great blog. I would never have thought of sociopolitical issues as a blogsite's theme to keep himself "sane". It would drive me crazy the way our country's socio-poli has been turning out so far. Your site is an very intensive blog that dates back 3 years when blogging still wan't en vogue. You should celebrate this milestone. And Merry Christmas! ;->