Friday, August 17, 2007

Update on pre-school sex-ed book

Here's the book at Amazon:
"Young children ask so many questions about their bodies and how they were made. With lively language, engaging art and clear, accurate information, this book answers those perfectly normal questions and will help even pre-school children feel proud and comfortable about their own bodies. It is an invaluable resource for parents, teachers, librarians and health professionals to use with children with complete confidence."

I remember that the earliest "sex education" my classmates and I had as a kindergarten kids was a stern instruction not to kiss our female classmates. [hahahaha!]

But when did kids at that age stop and say, "gee, I don't feel comfortable with my body?" and start pondering on issues of sexuality? While I do admit that at that age (kinder age), innocent yet faulty ideas about girls and their bodies did come into discussion several times with my friends in kindergarten, I don't think sex education would've helped us at that stage in our lives. I mean, if I recall correctly, we just talked about it once or twice, and only because we couldn't sleep during nap time. Unlike hormone-driven young adults, we didn't think and talk about sex all time. We were more busy with toys, Voltron and games. And besides, girls were icky so why bother?

Fortunately, there are no plans to have this book used in schools in the country, but the fact that such publications are creeping into the country is worrisome. The agenda of "sexualizing" kids at that age I think is part of a larger effort or movement towards making homosexuality acceptable. Start them when they're young and eventually, they'll have no problems with "alternative" sexual lifestyles.

It seems some people want to import the problems of secular American culture and the main target are kids. I say they should just stick to smuggling luxury cars.

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