Friday, August 17, 2007

I pity the man


Margarito Teves, the Secretary of Finance.


Because I can't help but notice a trend in DZMM. Everyone there seems to be spreading negative propaganda about the guy, especially the station manager, Angelo Palmones. He's been hitting Teves hard daily for almost a month now, usually citing the that "cash advance" charge that's getting tired and absurd by the day.

Although Teves has a PR guy [I know coz I've met the man], the amount of animosity towards Teves is darn disturbing. Today made it very apparent. I noticed several commentators in succeeding programs, each taking a jab at Teves.

If Teves were the Devil or one of his cohorts, perhaps I wouldn't mind. The problem lies in the fact that these commentators use twisted facts to make their case against Teves. They would be funny if they weren't so wrong and misleading, misleading in the sense that people actually believe them to be factual and true.

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