Sunday, July 22, 2007

I had a dream:

I found myself in the streets of a city after it was hit by a natural disaster. It was probably a huge flood since the streets were still wet and muddy. I was wandering around that place while grasping a .45 cal pistol. Peeking from a corner of a fence of a church, I witnessed how Muslim militants were taking over in an apparent attempt to keep order in the city. They were marching around with assorted weapons and it was noticeable that they didn't know the basics of weapons safety. Some didn't have slings with their rifles so they held them between their legs while standing up and fixing some stuff about their person. Bottom line, it was a horrendous display of a lack of weapons training. I also saw some Muslim rescue and emergency personnel. From their uniforms, I inferred that there were two groups. While these guys were having some fun, a riot broke out because of a fight between some members of the two groups. Then I heard gun fire and more violence. I decided to flee but I met along the way a bearded guy in a white shirt, firing his pistol randomly. I recognized this being a crazy, Muslim guy and I instinctively aimed the gun I was carrying at him and fired several shots. Noting that the first two shots I made didn't hit him, I immediately adjusted my sights a little bit to the right and pulled the trigger. I knew that I hit him so I ran towards the church which was fortunately open. I ran to the sanctuary and then to the sacristy door and from the sacristy to a door which led to a flight of stairs going to what seems to be an attic. The next scene was that of a friend's living room in another country. She was there with her mom and they were watching on TV the events taking place in that city. I suddenly found myself there. As the TV showed the aftermath of the shooting in front of the Church, I saw white-shirt guy's body lying in the street, along side that of several severely scorched bodies. I tearfully confessed to my friend that I shot the guy. But when I saw the shock in her face, I added, "so how was your day?"

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