Friday, July 20, 2007

Another reason why I'm skeptical of Naju Apparition

The Western Confucian posts about how obedience to ecclesiastical authority will verify if the Naju Apparition is authentic.

I've always been skeptical of the Naju Apparition and Julia Kim. The primary reason of this is one Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD.

Fr. Orbos reportedly witnessed several Eucharistic miracles when giving communion to the Naju visionary Julia Kim. . My skepticism lies in the fruits of such miracles, or the lack thereof, particularly in Fr. Orbos' manner of celebrating Mass. If the visionary and her visions were indeed authentic, then Fr. Orbos should've been duly impressed and influenced. And yet we see the opposite. Although he would utter statements like
"We must pray the Mass. Jesus is really present there. We must feel Him. Don’t rush the Mass, don’t make it automatic"
He seems unable to actually put it in concrete practice by celebrating reverent Masses free of the usual modern crap that usually introduces into the liturgy.

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