Thursday, June 07, 2007

Satirical Political Party

I got this idea from Mark Shea a few months ago.

So why not? Here's a couple I wouldn't mind founding and their maginalized constituencies:

  • Ano BaYan? -- mentally-challenged Filipinos
  • Bayaan Mo Na -- mediocre and forgetful Filipinos
  • Amoy Pawis -- laborers and deodorant-challenged Filipinos
  • Gabby ni Reyla -- night-shift workers especially call center agents
  • Partido ng Nagsasawa -- multisectoral representation
  • Kilusang Mayo at Toyo -- Mayonaise lovers and mentally challenged Filipinos
  • Al-Hadhad -- victims of fungal infections and doctors specializing in them
  • Very Green Party of Pinas -- pervs for perpetual soirees in both Houses of Congress
  • Labhan ng Demokratikong Pilipino -- to represent marginalized labanderas and laundry businesses

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