Thursday, June 07, 2007

Burgos, who?

I keep on hearing on the radio stuff about the supposed disappearances of supposed "critics" of the government and among them, supposedly, was Jonas Burgos. Strangely, I have not heard anything about the person apart from the canonical proclamations made by the media. The strange thing for me is why, if we dare say that the government itself was indeed responsible for the abduction and if the man's past declared by the media was accurate, would the government bother with a person who's basically a nobody? I mean, if I were really a blood-thirsty President, as the media is trying to portray the GMA, I would be gunning for the hard hitters like Korina Sanchez [like who doesn't want her out?], Ted Failon, and all those guys and not some nobody in the barrios who can only influence a couple of other nobodys. It doesn't make sense. It's time and resources misspent. And if I were really out to take down my "critics", I'll arrange efficient means of permanent elimination, i.e, having a sniper blow their head and brains and everything else off with a 50 cal. rifle from 300 meters. Of course, this might be too obvious and fingers will naturally point to me, so a planned "accident" would be the next best option, like the train "accident" in Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie Eraser.

And the circumstances surrounding his supposed disapperance have left me skeptical as well: A public abduction in a crowded restaurant with an abominable script [who does that?], a "brave witness" who surfaces, a vehicle traced to a military camp although no real proof that the vehicle itself was there only the testimony regarding a plate number where both testimony or plate would've been easily falsified.

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