Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cheap housing

The concept of using container vans for off-site offices and houses isn't new. The house pictured above is built from 6 used container vans. Although a bit bigger than what I had in mind, it's a good example of the concept being implemented in an attractive manner.

Here's another:

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I've often wondered how why this concept hasn't been taken advantage given it's low cost and transportability. One architect I talked to cited the undesirable environment inside these container vans when the temprerature outside rises and their steely external appearance as some of the factors of their less than eager attitude towards these vans. But both these issues can be addressed cheaply, so again the question stands.

Anyway, should anyone be interested to found a monastery, rural hospital, rural school, barangay office, etc, stacked container vans, tastefully decorated and customized of course, could be a solution.

I'm trying out what I think is innovative way to "stack" them. This would be done using a shelf-like structure composed of heavy steel I-beams bored to the ground. Once this basic shelf is finished, the container vans will simply be inserted into their proper locations with cranes, like a 3-d jigsaw puzzle or ship-building.

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