Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another observation

The prevailing thought in public, especially nurtured by the witty cogitations of our brave and impartial journalists, is one where politicians, especially career public servants, are seen to run for public office for the sole purpose of self-enrichment.

Not that such politicans do not exist, but such tough generalization serves to make a wholly narrow perception and appreciation of the motivations individuals have for public office, whether elected, appointed or career. There are of course those who seek the office for reasons other than money. They may have had enough of money, so power and influence, won't be too bad.

Then there's legacy and getting one's name into the history books. Doing good and being a hero for the people are only means to get there. Ultimately, the good ones simply wanna see their grandchildren proud of them.

I've known some good politicos in person. And including these people in the journalistico's common perception is a stain against their good person and a disservice towards democracy.

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