Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thanks to Filipino courage in the dela Cruz abduction:

iraqi militants have adopted a new tactic, one that would win them small but significant victories: kidnapping truck drivers.

but of course, we were right and it was a person's life at stake after all, and we had no business supporting the americans in iraq.

translation: we're spineless little cowards.

our little show of cowardice has emboldened more abductions by islamic terrorists. we should remember that there are hundreds if not thousands of filipinos working in iraq either as truck drivers or other similar roles. i wouldn't be surprised if another filipino is victimized either by an ambush or hostage taking.

just take a look at the current crop of victims. none of their countries participated in the war, yet they were taken because these jihadists don't want the companies they work for to do business in iraq. war is no longer the issue here but they're ingenious enough in using the excuse that americans are in iraq (trying to rebuild it!) to commit these atrocities.

the pullout isn't the solution to a problem, it is the trigger that will worsen it.

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