Thursday, July 22, 2004

Ageing Europe

"The government there is waking up to the prospect of its greying population putting an unbearable strain on public finances.

if you read the article, note how the article manages to conceal the root of this phenomenon of ageing people. this highly sophisticated culture which has little affinity for children, which sees children as essentially economic burden, and which embraces contraception and abortion has contributed much to the decline of young people. it is this same outlook which governs the BBC, as it sees itself the guardian of the enlightened elites who carry on preaching the old news of overpopulation around the world but blind to the obvious depopulation in their own. thus we see no word on this in the piece about how it came about, something an inquisitive reader would ask while reading this article for he is aware that such phenomena do not occur on their own.

bush's "old europe" tirade against france and germany isn't far off after all. they are indeed old. these countries, if the trend continues, will surely be irrelevant not particularly because of their snottiness, but because of their dwindling population of senile, old people. their economies are already feeling the strain and, in fact, they've been in trouble with the EU since they failed to keep their deficits in check. while they bore themselves with their anti-war position, their political power will follow this diminishing trend as well. and without people, their culture and influence will soon evaporate into oblivion. eventually there will be no france or germany to speak of, they will be muslim countries in the heart of europe. my only concern is that these muslims will inherit the vast arsenals post-modern france and germany will leave.

this same fallacy is being circulated by our own elite. they feed it to our unsuspecting people who by and large wish to be as informed and sophisticated as they are. i, for one, once subscribed to a personal philosophy having little regard for children, but it is good that i've never really put it into practice. however, the rest of us will swallow the values the elite and the media sells simply because there's no alternative view that matches the publicity the media gives on the malthusian myth. the media nourishes it in our culture, and soon every filipino will think like the soon-to-be extinct german.

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