Monday, July 26, 2004

Spain condemned for selling arms to Sudan

The Sudanese government is said to be implicit in what the US has called "genocide" by supporting the Janjaweed.

Amnesty and Greenpeace said Spain was breaking a weapons embargo imposed by the EU in 1994 and renewed in January last year.

the darn spaniards are out of their minds!

first, they get bombed, and so what do they do? they appease the damn jihadists by pulling their troops out of iraq. and then what happens? more bombs blow up in madrid!

of course, they're all for battling terrorism, whatever that means in their weird little heads, battling it by withdrawing troops from the war in iraq, and then, as we discover here, suppling arms to jihadists in sudan!

somebody should knock some sense into these idiots!

no wait, the country's being run by Leftists! but then again, what's the difference?

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