Monday, July 26, 2004

Light blogging ahead

i might be scarce for the next few days. i've come up with another busines venture which, to my surprise and satisfaction, my uncle liked and agreed to fund.

like my prior attempt at business, i will once again make the impossible possible. no, it isn't a typo, i wil indeed do such a miracle, hopefully. one friend commented that it's an ambitious project. it could be, but then, she doesn't know what i know. the paradox is that it's the unremarkably possible common thing that often eludes me, and it makes the impossible look so easy.

i've done such twisting of the limits of "possibilities" so many times already, so i hope to make this one work as well. hopefully, it'll be better since it's a local project, not an international one. i will finally have full control over every aspect of the business, and will not resort to delegating a necessary aspect of the venture.

right now i'm exhausted. i like the feeling though, i've missed it for so long. i'm happy and i look forward to more nights of pure exhaustion ahead.

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