Friday, July 16, 2004

The significance of Decapitations in Islam

Syed Kamran Mirza says:
Obviously, had it not been the sacred custom of ancient Islam, beheading would be quite unnecessary method to kill enemies by those Islamic terrorists in Iraq. Those Islamic terrorists could easily kill their infidel enemies (such as Daniel Pearl, Nich berg, Kim Sun II, Paul Johnson etc.) by a simple bullet. But those militants actually wanted to give an Islamic veneer to the infidel slayings - because killing by beheading is considered most brutal and utterly degrading, and only western infidels deserve this type of brutal killing. In fact they only tried to follow the footsteps Prophet Muhammad and devoutly followed the Allah’s order in the Qur’an. Holy Quran is replete with the harsh verses which directly order Muslims to behead Kaffirs/infidels.

darn blog's becoming like jihad watch...

a work entitled "Qustion Authority: The Quran mentions beheading. Why does the U.S. press claim otherwise?" by Lee Smith appears at the references section. i could answer that: the US press is largely controlled by the media elite who are significantly letfists, not unlike here in the philippines. as i have mentioned in previous posts, leftists are the natural friends of jihadists, it is thus natural for them to never attack their friends. they simply don't want to demonize their friendly neighborhood crazy jihadists and will make all the excuses they can make for them.

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