Friday, July 16, 2004

I'm experiencing technical problems with Blogger

i wonder if they're upgrading their system or something. as i'm writing this post, i find that the preview option is missing and so are the other buttons in that level. the other buttons remain but the other options thingy were you could change the date and time has grown monstrously huge.

anyway, i decided to post on how i've managed to finish two books yesterday. one from chesterton and one from the author of "one hundred years of solitude," which happens to be a short 143-page book anyway.

later, i might decide to read another of chesterton's books, but i'm also thinking of taking an alternative course and have a perusal of his detective stories. but whilst i was taking a break from chesterton, i also finished the belloc's essay on mohammed's enduring and lasting heresy the day before yesterday.

all this furious reading activity reminds me of rizal's sojourn in europe. he, and his friends who would later on comprise the propaganda movement in europe, would inform each other of the stuff they were reading, as well as their adventures and misadventures. i didn't throw away the photocopies of the english translation episolario rizalino that i used for the paper i did on rizal earlier this year.

rizal, especially, kept himself busy all day by reading and writing. he seldom went out, and he did so only to save money and save face. ambeth ocampo, in his book Rizal Without the Overcoat, mentioned how rizal would often leave his boarding house during meal times so that he would avoid the predicament of being invited for a meal by his landlord or landlady since he didn't have the money to pay for them. he instead went about the city we was living in and went back to the boarding house an hour or so later and pretended that he had a good meal elsewhere.

ok, i don't have to pay for my meals in my own house, but this stuff on food did remind me that i haven't had my dinner. as often is the case with me, i've overslept, and my dinner was already in the ref. anyway, as rizal probably would have done, i decided to go back to my reading and writing, eerrrr, blogging.

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