Monday, July 12, 2004

Journalist betrays his complete lack of balls

oh gee we're scared...

to pull out not only means giving in to the demands of the militants, it also legitimizes their acts. it made a small group of people push around the sovereign republic. these are evil people. war or no war, they would have done the same inhumane crimes they've committed. the war only gave them the excuse to do freely and overtly what they were brainwashed to do, that is, do jihad. a greater majority of iraqis need the coalition to stablize the situation in their country for they know that if they pull out, these monsters will be taking over the country and turn it into afghanistan. again, like other idiots writing for our newspapers, this guy wants a short-term solution for what would be a long-term war. and like the predictable lot that they are, they have forgotten that the real enemy here is not the coalition, but militant islam. i think that their tirades against the US and her allies serve nothing but to mask and justify the evil that is radical islam, by shifting the public's outrage from the jihadists to the people fighting against them. stupid.

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