Monday, July 12, 2004

The BBC still doesn't get it

it midly critizes president bush for advocating abstinence to fight the AIDS epidemic, implying therefore that the method is entirely futile. but it isn't. the BBC still plays the old lie that condoms are still the best weapon against AIDS. perhaps it should investigate how proponents of bush's global aids initiative are "pushing abstinence [as] the only way to tackle the disease in a continent like Africa where" since the "campaigns promoting the use of condoms have failed to halt the disease." exactly! the US is right to shift to another strategy to combat the virus since the method the BBC loves has been an utter failure. but it chooses to ignore this by seeing "this provision as thinly disguised Christian moralism which is at best paternalistic, and at worst a sure-fire way of endangering lives by failing to place sufficient emphasis on condoms." riiiggghhttt...

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