Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ignorant editorial somehow gets it

radical islam is hell bent on killing filipinos simply because they are christians, just read the jihadists' accounts of their heroic exploits in saudi last month. the connection with the US is actually relatively irrelevant. huh? i mean that these guys are still suffering from the hangover from their defeat in the crusades, which by the way culminated in the battle of lepanto in 1571, centuries after the first crusades in the holy land. it didn't end the growth of islam, but it did end their aggression. anyway, contemporary jihadists only see in the US a new crusading country out to get islam. why? perhaps because the US is a christian country, and one that isn't afraid to kick them in the arse. but even if the US is nowhere in the scene, they would be just as happy beheading poor, defenseless kafir slaves.

their rationale, after all, is that kafirs shouldn't be in power, allah forbids it! it is therefore a pious act for rightheous muslims to rid their lands of infidels who are there to subvert the power of allah, even if they are practically playing subservient roles in the islamic world in the first place.

am i then addicted to harrassing to islam and its followers? i am not, but they are in the news. i care not for them, in fact a news blackout should be imposed upon their publicity stunts. media attention is merely driving them to commit even graver atrocities to outdo those that have gone before them. but then again, i would love al jazeera to air the savagery of their heroic jihadist every hour so that arabs would eventually rid themselves of their notion that muslims could do no evil. remember how muslims denied that a pious muslim like osama bin laden could have perpetrated the 9/11 attacks? i wonder if they still believe that osama's still innocent. better still, perhaps we could see a movement where a greater number of muslims would be so disgusted at their co-religionists that they would just leave islam. greater in the sense that such a phenomena has already been observed by former muslims.

no, i wouldn't and couldn't care less about jihadists, but when they're capable of bombing the train i'm taking (which almost happened to me), or the bus i'm about to board, or the mall where i've been killing time, or the plane i've taken, or the office building where i simply found myself in, then they'll get my full attention, even if i don't like it. heck their awful music videos of islamic chants with vignettes of their training camps or their suicide operations don't really appeal to me at all. their grotesque souvenir photos of chopped hands and heads don't interest me either. but when suicidal morons are close enough to kill you or those whom you love, one must be alert.

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