Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Could he still be alive?

he's probably dead.

those people, after all, are fond of killing innocent people, as long as they are kafirs. they don't distinguish between combatants and civilians when kafirs are involved, since they are sub-humans according to their creed. they probably would love slitting the throat of a filipino or blowing his brains up just like their jihadist comrades in saudi last month, invasion or none. after all, the filipino truck driver was part of an invading force and defiling a holy islamic land.

this is what you get when your creed perfectly fits a completely logically circle. it doesn't transcend arabia but rather centers itself to it. eventually this circle will grow smaller than it is now, it will eat itself until it destroys itself. meanwhile, it is up to us to help it along that path to self-destruction.

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