Monday, June 21, 2004

The weirdness never stops

atty. eli pamatong's back, this time he has admitted to the spiking of about a hundred vehicles in EDSA and in other places.

i couldn't find any article profiling him in the internet, but i'm sure that i'm not alone in finding him weird. i think he heads that group that seeks to have the philippines admitted as one of the states of the US. in one occasion, i saw him wearing a traditional islamic head dress whilst wearing a black clerical shirt with the white collar. talk about syncretism! and now i find him making a "protest" by scattering metal spikes to damage motorists' tires in edsa and kennon road. i don't know if he's telling the truth on this matter, but the guy's just plain nuts and thus i think it would be difficult to ascertain how he could be capable of admitting to such acts.

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