Thursday, June 17, 2004

A "Private" blog

i encountered recently a blogger who claims that her blog was a "private" blog and that she preferred not to share her blog's address with me so that i could view its contents. isn't private blog an oxymoron? blogs by their nature are supposed to be public. when we blog, we "publish" the contents of our blog on the internet and publication entails making them and our thoughts along with them available to the public for review and scrutiny. why then should one blog if one does not want the contents of that blog known to the public?

i'm sure there are bloggers out there who want to keep their viewership limited and restricted to people known to them. but unless they put security features, their blogs ought to be available to all who can and wish to view them. although i respect that blogger's wish not to allow me to read her blog, i found her excuse weak, something i could at least critisize.

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