Friday, June 18, 2004

I'm drunk

i had some beer with a friend tonight. he's a guy by the way. he owed me a treat (libre) for some stuff i offered him. i had 2 stallions, and they were enough to put me in this state. it's been a while since i had alcohol rushing through my veins and my cerebral cortex.

anyway, i had a good reason for drinking, i was celebrating! i actually fixed my server's main program even without my programmer. this is a big deal for a guy who finished finance and never touched visual basic until this day. in fact, one of my cousins said that i had no business with programming because i never took it up in school. only a few hours later, i proved him wrong, although i'm not sure if he knew of my accomplishmen that day. haven't these people learned never to underestimate me? i have proven them wrong over and over again. are they that dumb?

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