Saturday, June 19, 2004

Got a lighter?

it was the 3rd day into EDSA Dos. it was hot and i decided to stand by the UP Masscom tent to shelter myself from the sun's over-generous outpouring of light and heat that day. i was alone. in between the speeches and the entertainment on the shrine's stage, i found myself staring at the girls in the UP tent. they weren't exactly hot, gorgeous chicks, but they were making up for it with their clothing.

i'm an introvert, so, although i was in a good position to make new "friends" from UP masscom, i could never bring myself to initiate any preliminary connection with these people.

something unexpected, however, happened. one of the girls approached me. damn! did she finally see how cute i was [hehehehe]? nope. she asked, "got a lighter?" darn! they initiated contact, but all i could do in front of the girl was stand silently and move my head sideways. darn! opportunity wasted. i wanted to hit my head right there and then but i feared attracting attention to that unsual reaction of mine, especially from the girls. who knows, they might initiate contact again.

anyway, i learned a valuable lesson that day: always bring a lighter! and so i did buy one and always brought it everyday, even if i didn't smoke. however, that habit ended after only a few months when i lost that same lighter because my cousin borrowed it and never returned it. i didn't buy another one.

last night, i wanted to pound myself on the head again. i was wandering around greenbelt again, waiting for the friend who would treat me for that drink i posted below. i was taking that descending escalator near power books, when something unexpected happened. a hot, caucasian girl was suddenly on my side. she was holding a cigarette, and she promptly asked me if i had a lighter!! again, as it was with the masscom people in EDSA, all i could do was say "sorry, i don't."

where's that lighter when i needed it?

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