Thursday, January 10, 2008

The lamest radio interview I've ever heard

was between Joe Taruc and Senator Mar Roxas that took place at DZRH yesterday morning. It was annoyingly repetitive and began with a major exhibit of Filipino stupidity. Apparently some taxi drivers were registering their complaints to Manong Joe because they expected pump prices to go down today because of the oil tariff reduction. Joe Taruc used this outrage of stupid taxi drivers who probably didn't bother to read the full account of yesterday's presscon in the papers to begin his interview with Roxas. In that interview, Taruc basicall kept repeating his questions which he would answer himself eventually and then Roxas would approve saying "Eksakto!" then the Senator went into detail which he would repeat again since Taruc repeats himself and then... Well you get the picture. Taruc sounded like Roxas' spokesman and cheerleader in that interview. Too sweet were they. I wonder how much Roxas' publicist pays Taruc.

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