Saturday, January 05, 2008

Interesting Thesis Proposal

from a Filipino liturgist. He's saying that the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite IS the Classical Rite. But he did leave out a vital author from his resource materials: Ratzinger.

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Carlos Palad said...

Dear Francis;

Jepjep's thesis proposal and bibliography is telling. It is obvious that he and his mentors remain stuck in the 1960's. The names are all so.... aged hippie. This shows just how pathetic and out-of-touch the Philippine liturgical and theological establishment has become.

It's not just Ratzinger that he left out. He also left out the following excellent masters of the liturgy, all of whom have written in the last two decades (and mostly in the last few years!):

1) Alcuin Reid
2) Aidan Nichols
3) Catherine Pickstock
4) David Torevell
5) Klaus Gamber (of course!)
6) Jonathan Robinson
7) David Berger
8) Lauren Pristas
9) Uwe Michael Lang

The list is endless....