Sunday, January 20, 2008

Compare and Contrast

Benedict XV, Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum:
"We desire that this practice... of using distinctive names by which Catholics are marked off from other Catholics, should cease; such names must be avoided... [they] are neither true nor just... they lead to great disturbance and confuse the Catholic body."

from an email Mr. Palad sent me [not his words BTW]:
I was rather hoping for a Fr. Zerrudo, or a Msgr. Andrade to give a talk, hehehe. I think they should've included the Pope's Summorum Pontificum, and it's effect on the Blessings and the Sacramentals of the Church. After all, it's Fr. Zerrudo's "bisyo" to use his old "book of spells", in traditionally exorcising objects after Mass. Hindi tulad ng ibang Novus Ordo na pari na basta na lang "wisik ng wisik" ng Holy Water.

The highlighted part just strikes me in the wrong way. I suppose that a more charitable reading would tell me that the statement was written by a very excited fellow who thinks that it's short for "priests who administer the sacraments using the revised rites". But initially, I read it this way: "those poor, unenlightened saps who have not experienced the majesty of the almighty Pian rite. Kneel before my Rite!".

Hat tip to the Whapsters for the BXV quote


Carlos Antonio Palad said...


You are misrepresenting me here. The passage you are quoting does NOT come from me. If you will go back to the email that I sent you, the passage you qouted comes from an email to which I am responding.

In all my writings I have strongly criticized liberalism in the Church, but I have never emplyed the crass an stupid phraseology you are quoting.

Please clarify on your post that I did NOT author the phrase in question. This is making me look stupid.

The Perpetual Malcontent said...

Sorry about that. It's fixed. I know it didn't come from you.