Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Binay for President?

Joel Reyes Zobel mentioned in his program that Mayor Jejomar Binay is somewhere in the Visayas and speculates that perhaps the Mayor of Makati is campaigning early in the region.

I'm sure he's gonna need to do a lot of it if he wants the job.

During the Makati New Year celebration [quite disappointing in the lack of entertainment, but that's for another post], entertainer and Makati councilor Rico J. Puno introduced Binay as the next president of the Republic. What followed made me smile: the chirping of crickets. Nobody cheered or jeered or anything. My impression was that the massive crowd that congregated in Ayala simply didn't care and I think the seconds after that silly introduction was most embarrassing for the Mayor. It was like a huge joke that bombed big time. And it was beautiful.

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