Friday, December 14, 2007

"To prepare a place for us"

A rumor is spreading that Fr. George Rutler is being considered as a candidate for the post of Archbishop of New York and, interestingly, Westminster. The blog post announcing this rumor can be found here and it includes some comments which seem to have missed the obvious: if he does indeed become bishop of New York, it is likely that he'll get a red hat and get the chance to join in the conclave that will elect Benedict's successor. In that same conclave, I imagine he could leave the Sistine chapel wearing a white cassock. American or not, he'd make a very eloquent pontiff and could perhaps find himself in the position and authority to fulfill his own words of preparing a place in the bosom of Mother Church for Anglicans fleeing the collapsing edifice of Anglicanism. Could he be a new Moses who will lead the children of England across the Tiber in the future? Even to my eyes, this scenario is too far fetched, but in case it does happen, you know that you read it first here.

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