Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sometimes it takes a baby...

to remind me about a post I keep forgetting to write.

Last night, while I was playing with a friend's 8-month old daughter, the conversation among the adults [whether I was one of the "adults" is another story] came to an exchange about Starbucks' 2008 planner. Well, the confluence of baby and Starbucks reminded of something I found via the Tiber Crosser, that Starbucks allegedly supports abortion providers in the US.

Being the responsible flamethrower that I am, I decided to Google the subject. But despite the wealth of information in Google, I can't say for certain that it is Starbucks' corporate policy to support abortion groups. But to be sure, some groups have documented that some of Starbucks' employees and branches have supported various gay-pride events and it makes anti-christian items available in its stores.

If it is true that Starbucks sends contributions to abortion groups, then I'm afraid the company is actively following the way of tobacco companies and their dwindling customer base. Any analyst worth his salt will probably tell you that Starbucks' advocacy is nothing but one crappy long-term marketing plan aimed at reducing its [future] customers by means of supporting abortion groups. Someone should tell the management of the company that this pro-abortion advocacy is counter-productive and is, in the long-run, defeats the interests of the company itself and, more importantly, its shareholders. The company, had a more reasonable management were in charge, ought to be cultivating more coffee lovers in a given population, not destroying them.

I guess the same goes for all other companies that support groups such as Planned Parenthood. It's insanely counter-productive and will in the future hurt the company since abortion groups are working activey to eliminate these companies' customers.

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