Friday, December 14, 2007

The Perpetual Malcontent's Law

The airwaves and newspapers, of late, were filled with news and commentaries of how PGMA is subtly enforcing Martial Law on an oblivious Filipino nation, first by arresting a "Senator" of the Republic for staging what seems to be an armed stand-off at a luxury hotel in the heart of the country's financial district after ditching the guys who were supposed to guard him during a court hearing for his rebellion case and then then by arresting civilian "protesters" who gleefully joined Antonio "11-million-Filipinos-voted-for-me" Trillanes for coffee at the Peninsula while urging the populace to rush into the rain-drenched streets as they sit in airconditioned function rooms sipping hundred-peso cups of coffee.

Added to this, the cops were ordered to arrest the journalists who obviously made themselves willing accomplices of the caffeinated party among those to be arrested, since media men aren't above the law, despite their freedoms. How they were certain of PGMA ever acting as a remote ground commander still puzzles me.

And today, we add to Mrs. Arroyo's grievous sins her intent to revive the anti-subversion law.

The activist, the journalist, the politician, the rebel, and the naked scholar are all running about screaming Martial Law while woefully ignoring the fact that they probably wouldn't be enjoying their tired stunts if the real thing was around. Martial Law this, Martial Law that.

I, for one, am tired of hearing this nonesensensical fear mongering from our elites who obviously have too much time to spend on such whimsical pursuits.

So I propose a Pinoy version of Godwin's Law. I'm not sure if anyone else has thought of it, but for now, I shall call it the Perpetual Malcontent's Law, which states:

As a political, social or religious protest among Pinoy activists grows longer and sillier, the probability of mentioning Martial Law and any sitting President in the same sentence approaches one. Therefore, anyone who mentions Martial Law in any discussion or debate is deemed to be the loser.

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