Friday, November 16, 2007

Taste the goodness...

News [OK it's old] is that EWTN's Fr. Francis Mary is planning to leave the priesthood and run off with a widow. While I was not surprised that another EWTN icon has fallen [remember Fr. Ken Roberts?], I was surprised to discover that the next scandal was brought by Fr. Francis Mary Stone. I've always thought that a big ticket name like Fr. Corapi would've been next. Perhaps next time...

Anyway, I'm curious about how the lady Fr. Francis has been cavorting looks like. Has anyone seen her or have any info about her? I've observed over the years that any priest who leaves the priesthood for a woman usually marry, well to put it mildly, not-so-hot women. I've always wondered why this is the case, it just doesn't make sense to me.

I mean If you're gonna leave the priesthood for a woman, you should at least do it for someone worthwhile, some one hot and foxy. The kind that turns boys into men. Right? It's the most natural and sensible thing to do.

Could it have something to do with the general lack of taste among the clergy these days? The same lack of taste that's generally evident in the liturgy?

Speaking of taste, there's a lot of hubub about some women simulating the sacrament of Holy Orders. Below are actual pictures of these priestesses.

Women, well being women, should have taste right? I mean who buys all those fashion magazines? If you wanna get yourself all ordained (invalid of course) at least make it look good. Or better yet, at least make yourselves lovely for the day. My dear, you look like a man in that picture. What's up with that?

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