Friday, November 23, 2007

Some observations


Usually, among Filipinos discussing an issue, the testimony or expertise of foreigners seem to bear greater authority than that of a Pinoy. Case in point, an interview currently underway with Joel Reyes Zobel and some guy whose name I didn't catch. Said guy is discussing the need for sex education for Pinoy youth. From what I understood of their exchange, the guy says that the need for sex education for Pinoys was recognized during a gathering where foreigners were involved. "Oh", said Joel Reyes Zobel, sounding more interested and convinced after the mention of "foreigners". I couldn't help myself smile after noticing that. Ever since I discovered the blogosphere, one could say that I have progressively grown up in terms of the appreciation of ideas and policies being preached by foreigners. My freelance work also exposed me to some silly and lazy foreigners who were in many ways "deficient" in terms of learning and the capacity to do deliver usable output. Due to both cases, my unquestioning high regard for foreign though has been shattered. I've been very skeptical (hopefully in a good way) about any novelty being introcued by some foreign-funded advocacy groups. Anyway, I've wondered why and how, even with the same technology available to many Pinoy policy makers and mediamen, the myth of the superiority of foreign thought and policy remains strong with them. A great number of them still considers the New York Times infallible despite numerous empirically verified fallacies and mistakes. Enough said. You could never avoid a discussion where US or European policy is given as the standard for which the Pinoy should aspire to, as though Pinoys can't come up with their own standards. I'm not limiting this to issues of politics, morality, education or such. Technology, economics and art issues get the same treatment as well. The more I hear of the same, the more I find Pinoys sillier. Pinoy policymakers, opinion-makers and especially journalists should really learn that, like their own compatriots, there are crazies and idiotrs running around in corridors of power and learning and that they should be critical enough to recognize them and not be behooven to them just because they're "foreigners".


Why is it that those who eagerly taunt Catholics for allegedly holding on to "traditions of men" are those who can't seem to let go of man-made myths they learned from their preachers, especially those regarding the Catholic Church. When their fantasies are refuted, they still cling on them, as if those who have demolished their silly ideas conspired to hide the truth from them and the rest of the world. Strange minds these our separated brethren have. I've noticed that those who do honestly and sincerely search for the truth find themselves to the Church, whilst those who still hang on to their man-made myths and traditions bury themselves beneath enourmous piles of BS just to flee from confronting Truth. Protestantism is a mere shadow of Catholicism. The more light you shed upon the Catholic Church, the less you see of the shadow.

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