Thursday, November 29, 2007

Maria Ressa's making sumbong to CNN

Boo-hoo! Sniff, sniff! Boo-hoo!

Since her ABS-CBN buddies and others got arrested.


Ressa's bending and twisting the truth. Probably not the first time.


1) Journalists swarmed the Peninsula hotel to cover Antonio "11-million-Filipinos-voted-for-me" Trillanes' second successful attempt at inflicting pain and defeat on himself. A number of them remained in the function room where the leaders of the standoff were holed up.

2) The Police tells journalists to vacate the area so that they can proceed with police action. Journalists, being "brave and courageous" [TM] decide to ignore orders to vacate the premises. They had better things to do, like being gay and stupid and take photos of themselves frolicking in said hotel. I kid you not.

3) Police SAF storm the hotel. Video shows clearly that they run towards attacking elements in order to get good shots [pun not intended] of the action. In many ways, their sheer number alone confused attacking troops. Any baddies could've taken advantage of that situation to shoot a goody.

4] Standoff leaders surrender. Police not sure who are true media people or those who could posing as journalists. So they summarily arrest all they find inside the hotel until they're sure who's who and what's what. In other words, they'll straighten out everything at the police station. Basically common sense at work, I would think, especially if you know that some of the armed bad guys were in civilian dress. Just see the photo below.

But no. Maria Ressa calls that indimidation and a purge of media freedom. Whatever that means. And she's peddling the spin in international news outlets. CNN doesn't mind that of course. Ressa is a CNN veteran and CNN doesn't care about accuracy anyway. Figures.

Anyway, I was curious to observe that the arrested ABS-CBN men all wore red shirts at time. Hmmm... Were they going to dance Maria? It struck me since the Magdalo arm bands were [drumm roll please] also of the same color. Coincidence?

Anyway: Boo-hoo!

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