Thursday, November 29, 2007

Is it over already?

Have Trillanes and Co. decided to quit? Damn! I was hoping he would end up doing his last stand or something. Well, he did keep on saying he wanted to make his stand. But what is clear now is that all those figures holed up in that function room in the Peninsula will forever be marked for life as real troublemakers. I mean the civilians like former VP Teofisto Guingona, Fr. Robert Reyes, Bishops Julio Labayen and Antonio Tobias will forever bear the mark of being instigators of violence. Hopefully in the future, fewer ears will be willing to listen to a word they say.

The V150 crashing through the hotel lobby entrance probably scared them and made them realize that the government was in no mood to f**k around. So they made up such excuses as wishing not to let any civilian get hurt in the attack. What? They just realized that? They occupied a civilian establishment and just realized after the attack that civilians might get hurt? Brilliant Mister Senator. You are indeed brilliant.

The funny things is that Trillanes sounded like a child who, recognizing that he did a plainly wrongful act, is trying to twist the facts to defend himself and steer the blame towards PGMA. He kept on saying the administration was violent and intolerant, as if it was the one that perpetrated the entire thing.

In fact, they all sounded like whining children. Time for bigtime punishment kiddies! The Senate should pass a resolution dumping Trillanes from their ranks. I think they can do that. The Lower House does that I think. I'm sure the Nuncio is monitoring the situation and sure hope that he would pursue concrete steps in finally silencing Fr. Robert Reyes and Bishop Antonio Tobias. The trouble in which they have actively participated in is definitely below their priestly and episcopal dignity. Serious disciplinary action should be imposed on them, whatever form that may take. They were appointed to watch over souls but their actions today seriously put to into doubt their capacity to pastor souls.

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