Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm dreaming again...

Should the US military or other entity perfect the technology behind the V-22 Osprey and build a civilian version of the tiltrotor aircraft, I'm actually thinking of renting some of the top floors of some of the taller builidngs in Makati and convert them into airports where the tiltrotor aircraft would be the main user. I mean helicopters have been coming and going, transporting business executives for a significant time already. Helicopters however lack the seating capacity and speed to be a more popular and accessible mode of transportation. Perhaps the tiltrotor could fill this gap in the market. Imagine going to either PBCom tower, the tallest building in Manila, or some of the newer skyscrapers in The Fort to catch a flight to the provinces instead of going through Manila Domestic or the Centennial. And there will multiple buildings hosting these airports in order to alleviate crowding. Think about it.

Update: Well it seems I've been behind the times. Again.

This site says that the "Bell Agusta BA609 is the world's first commercially available tiltrotor aircraft... [It] has a two-person crew and can carry up to nine passengers."

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