Monday, November 05, 2007

Fair game

While reading this post from Off the Record, a thought came to me:

Why can't we subject journalists to the same tabloid-type exposes experienced by some celebrities and then have the details presented on showbiz news programs like the Buzz? You know, have some effeminate tabloid reporter follow around some of the big names of "journalism" and report on a daily basis how they're really like in real life. A series perhaps on the love and career life of pinoy lady journalists or the hobbies and vices of the guys of the newsroom or the shady business dealings of newspaper editors with PR guys.

This isn't just a matter of just idly watching snippets of the private lives of your journalists or making heroes out of them. Like the Off the Record post above, we'll be able to determine and understand the perspective from which our journalists are reporting a story. For the most part, I think there's much hypocrisy and Freudian projection and money [you do know that I work for a PR firm, right?] working in pinoy journalism. Just the like good old days.

The common good has never crossed the journalist's mind. He doesn't know such an animal exists. If you find a radio announcer impassioned about a certain issue, he's either personally involved [like the case of Vic de Leon Lima trying to shame a certain utilities company into refunding him for his bills] or someone has spoken a £ANGuaG€ they understand.

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