Friday, November 30, 2007

Bishop Tobias should resign

After putting the countless civilians, soldiers, foreign guests and the nation hostage, the bishops involved in yesterday's standoff are still adamant at demanding PGMA's resignation, citing her lack of moral ascendancy to lead the nation. Perhaps the same bishops should pause and reflect first before carrying out their "threat" of another rally. Between them, who had empirically, before the world's media even, carried out and supported a violent act which led so many people in danger?

I suppose, as citizens acting on a personal capacity, they had the right to push for reforms in the manner they saw fit. Yet, would it have been too much to ask if they at least tried being circumspect and exercised some prudence in choosing whom to support and associate with? Prudence is a virtue. Shouldn't these bishops, appointed and anointed to guide the faithful towards virtue, be themselves exercising virtues such as prudence?

It seems unfortunate that they have abandoned such silly concepts like virtue and prudence for political expediency. They're giving the impression that politics is far more interesting than the worship of God. Bishop Antonio Tobias is basically telling the faithful that God sucks and that Trillanes trumps Him because he can depose the President with a fool-proof plan.

Of course, His Excellency would parrot the same tired line about PGMA's lack of moral ascendancy to lead the government and nation, thus demanding her resignation. Fine. But do they have the moral ascendancy, given their involvement in yesterday's event, to remain as bishops leading the faithful? Yesterday, I mentioned that the bishops' leadership and capacity to pastor souls has been effectively tarnished and put into doubt by their own willingness to be party to the actions that led to the siege of The Peninsula. They have prostituted their office and dragged their office as successor of the Apostles through the mud. They have cast their pearls before swine.

Bishop Tobias is a canon lawyer so I'm sure he's aware of the canons governing the resignation of bishops. His political activism is a "grave reason" which made him "unsuited for the fulfillment of his office". I invite the good bishop to be a good example for PGMA. Your Excellency, please send your resignation letter to Rome.

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