Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Will Angelo Palmones make a retraction?

Several months ago, at the height of the controversies regarding the axing of former BIR Comissioner Jose Mario Bunag from the said agency and the transferral of Romulo Neri from NEDA, a Cabinet-level position, to a lower position as head of Commission on Higher Education, DZMM station manager Angelo Palmones kept insisting on air that Finance Secretary Margarito Teves was behind Neri's removal from the NEDA because of his opposition to Teves' economic policies and projections. Palmones, I think, devoted a month repeating this allegation.

He kept saying that people in Malacanang should be wary about "saying the truth" because they might end up like Neri or Bunag, demoted or fired.

When the ZTE/NBN thing came into play, journalists went on to claim that Neri was forced out of the NEDA in order to make the ZTE/NBN deal work without any glitches from people like Neri.

As I asked previously, which is it? Was it Teves' economic policies or the ZTE/NBN deal which led to Neri's dismissal from the NEDA?

At any rate, Palmones has been silent lately regarding the issue. Has he realized that his previous allegations didn't match the prevailing belief that Neri was actually moved due to ZTE/NBN?

If such is the case, how about a retraction Mr. Palmones?

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