Wednesday, October 10, 2007

While reading this thread...

I can't help imagine a certain angry parishoner writing to his bishop:

Dear Bishop,

Help us quick! Our parish priest, Fr. XXX is going nuts. Since last month, Fr. has decided to use horror movie music to entertain us instead of the traditional hymns like "On Eagle's Wings". He's been insisting that the choir sing creepy songs in a strange language we don't understand during Mass. And instead of the traditional two candles with the flower pot combo, he's also placed so many candles on the altar that we can't see anything behind it.

And he's been so rude to us lately. He'd rather face and talk to the wall than us during the Mass and sometimes he seems to be singing to himself, again in that strange loony language nobody understands.

I'm a progressive and open-minded person, I know I mustn't judge Fr. XXX for his really progressive ideas. But some of us, especially the kids, have been having nightmares!

Help us quick Bishop. Fr. XXX must be stopped from abusing our community worship.

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