Monday, October 29, 2007

Some pointers, Manny

I heard rumors that Manny Pacquiao has been asking the management of ABS-CBN to finally sack Korina Sanchez. Not surprisingly, the former however has refused Pacquiao's demands and has retained Ms. Sanchez.

Manny, Manny, Manny, I think the manner in which you're going at this will lead you nowhere. First off, this request should be backed up by something serious such as a threat from the advertisers themselves to withdraw their accounts if the request goes unheeded. You need to speak using the proper language. It goes something like this:

P£€a$€ ₣1R€ h€R ₦ØW ØR ₦Ø ¢a$h

Now that's language mediamen understand.

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